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Every once in a while, a fat loss product will come along that will take the industry by storm. Usually when they do, they are very effective and hang around for a long time, or they are one hit wonder fat diets that are here today and gone tomorrow. According to many people who have used the Fat Loss Fiesta fat loss program, this is a program that is not only very effective, but it is expected that this will be one of the few fat burning solutions that will be around for many years to come. In this Fat Loss Fiesta review, we are going to go behind the scenes of the fat loss system to see why it is said to be so effective.

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Fat Loss Fiesta Review- The Overview

The Fat Loss Fiesta system was created by a mother of two named Ingrid Macher. Because of her success that she has experienced in losing 50 pounds of stubborn fat and getting in bikini body shape, she has become one of Miami’s most sought after personal trainers and heath coaches. Her fat loss system uses a combination of body movements and nutrition and is based on the philosophies of 3 fat loss secrets that she says will change your life once you they are revealed to you.

One of these secrets has to do with a technique called Mind Body Merging which is a way of conditioning your mind to help you to produce the fat loss results that you want. While this may sound like some type of new age mumbo jumbo, Harvard University scientists proved that this technique actually works. In the Fat Loss Fiesta guide, Ingrid will explain to you exactly how it works so that you can begin to experience immediate results.

Another secret that Ingrid reveals in her plan is that you absolutely must cheat on your diet. Now I know that hearing this will definitely make a lot of people really happy. Ingrid says that you must do this so that your body is not able to adapt to your new eating plan. This will in turn keep your body guessing and cause your metabolism to sky rocket. This will cause all of that excess fat to literally melt right off your body.

Ingrid reveals all of these secrets and more in her solution. She even claims that you can experience the fat loss results that you have been looking for in as little as 21 days. As a matter of fact, the program is only designed to be 21 days long and uses what Ingrid calls the 21 day Fat Blasting Challenge.

What Comes With the Program?

When you order the Fat Loss Fiesta program, you will get access to the following:

  • The Complete Fat Blasting Guide- This colorful guide is the core of the system and will give you easy to follow step by step instructions on exactly what you need to do to burn fat. It literally walks you through the system starting at day 1 all the way up to day 21 and beyond.
  • Exclusive Mind Body Merging Guide- In this guide, Ingrid will reveal to you the scientifically proven techniques that will cause you to burn fat like a hot knife cutting through butter
  • Fat Loss Fiesta Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner recipes- Ingrid also provides you with 21 breakfast recipes, 21 lunch recipes, and 21 dinner recipes so that you will be able to know exactly what you need to eat while you are on the program. She also provides you with a complete grocery list to make it easy for you to shop for the foods that you need.
  • 7 day Kick Start Menu- Ingrid has made this system very easy to follow and she has even planned your first week’s meals for you in with this menu.
  • Fat Blasting Journal- Studies have shown that people who keep a food journal have been able to burn double the amount of fat. Because of this, Ingrid has included a convenient food journal so that you can keep track of exactly what you are eating.
  • Personal Accountability Tool- Ingrid gives you access to this exclusive tool once you enroll in the program. You will have to become a member to learn more about this.

She is also throwing in 3 additional fat blasting special reports when you complete your purchase. These reports include:

  • Fat Loss Fiesta Ultimate Quick Start Guide
  • Emergency Fast Food & Restaurant Guide
  • Food Label Lies

She also has a surprise bonus video that will show you how can turn your kitchen into a fat blasting control center. You will receive instant access to all of this information via download once you become a member of the 21 Day Fat Blasting Challenge.

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Fat Loss Fiesta Review- The Pros

  • Uses a unique approach that is new to the fat loss industry
  • Uses concepts and techniques that have been scientifically proven to work
  • Allows you to have cheat days
  • Is very easy to follow and understand
  • Workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home

Fat Loss Fiesta- The Cons

  • Masquerades as a one size fits all diet solution (no such thing exists)
  • It’s really a lifestyle weight loss program so you will have to make the nutrition principles part of your daily lifestyle if you want to see long term results

Final Opinion

There is no doubt that you will see some type of results if you follow this program as directed. Whether or not you experience the results that Ingrid says you will is going to depend on a number of factors including how much effort you actually put into it. It does however; appear to be a very legitimate fat loss program, so if you are wondering whether or not you should invest in this program, I believe that it is a good system to try.

Basically, this is one of the best products i saw and i saw A LOT..

Ingrid has even included a 60 day money back guarantee with her program so you really have nothing to lose but that unwanted fat. If you are ready right now to get started on the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge, you can get access to the entire Fat Loss Fiesta system by clicking the link below.

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About the creator of Fat Loss Fiesta

The internet has been abuzz with talk of the Fat Loss Fiesta weight-loss system. Fat Loss Fiesta was created by Ingrid Macher, a mother-of-two.
Once she found her soul mate and married, she gained weight, as there was no pressure to be fit.
After trying every method available, she realized the most important element to losing weight was her mindset. She now weighs a healthy 117 pounds.

Ingrid became one of the most sought-after health coaches in Miami after losing 55 pounds of stubborn fat in three months.
She got into the best shape of her life while juggling work and family.
She is a certified personal trainer who says she has a passion for helping people to change their lives and that she wouldn’t change her life even if she could.
She helps people to become South Beach sexy.

Ingrid once shared her three weird belly-flattening secrets only with her friends, but has now brought them to a wider audience, some of whom have become her friends. Her method combines body movements and nutrition, and she says it will change your life.

The first of Ingrid’s three secrets is the technique of Mind-body Merging, a way of conditioning the mind to lead to weight loss. Scientists at Harvard University have proved that it works. Two groups of women performed the same, simple body movements each day for four weeks. Only one group followed the techniques of Fat Loss Fiesta, and this group lost more fat and also lowered their blood pressure. Ingrid is not a hard taskmaster. Her teachings allow a person to have one “cheat day” a week, when they eat whatever they like.

Ingrid says her own story is her motivation. She attempts to educate people on how to approach weight loss – with the correct mindset. She says that only small changes to eating and other activities are required to make changes which will alter people’s lives forever.

Ingrid is Spanish, and has a noticeable accent. Her husband is Jeff, who has a BS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and is the CEO and founder of the consulting company, Local Titans. Ingrid says that she knows how it feels to be confused and not know where to start. She says she is determined to be a messenger who brings hope to people’s lives by showing that it is easy to transform their bodies merely by changing their mentality.

Ingrid manages the websites, Burn20.com and Adelgaza20.com. She personally answers questions on her Fanpages. She can be found on Facebook and twitter. She has 68,000 followers on Facebook and 31,600 on Twitter. Recent Twitter posts by Ingrid give such health tips as to be aware of what you are putting into your body, have a positive attitude, and be organized with your eating habits, that olive oil improves the health of your joints, and that kale has the strongest anti-oxidant properties of any vegetable.

Ingrid says her method will show results within three weeks, and who can doubt her with all of the success she has achieved up until now.

What is Fat Loss Fiesta?

Chances are if you are on this web page then you already know about Fat Loss Fiesta,
but I thought I may as well clear up precisely what Fat Loss Fiesta is for those who are still uncertain.

Fat Loss Fiesta is a step by step weight loss program with a completely unique approach created by personal trainer Ingrid Macher.

This program is fully designed to make people lose weight and comes with different fat blasting guides and even
breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

Why is this product different than all the other weight loss programs?

  • A new technique called Mind-Body Merging..
  • Complete control  with a fat blasting journal
  • Being coached by Miami’s most sought after personal trainer
  • Lies about foodlabels
  • And even restaurant guides..

Seriously, this program covers it all, from breakfast and dinner to work-outs and guides,

I think everyone can use this program to lose weight, no matter if it’s just 10 pounds , 50 pounds or more..

Click here to read my full review about Fat Loss Fiesta




What is Mind-Body Merging?


If you’ve read my full review about Fat Loss Fiesta then you’re probably wondering what Mind-Body Merging is. So I figured I’d write a quick post about this subject…

What is Mind-Body Merging?

The guide that comes with this weight loss product is all about having the right mindset to achieving your goals.

“Get your mind right… and your body has no choice but to follow”

Ingrid talks about a very important part of weight loss and she explains why you need to have the right mindset
otherwise you’ll never be able to achieve your goals in life..

Here are some of the things she explains:

  • Be Positive  (Why negativity is the enemy of fat loss)
  • See Sexy.. Be Sexy (If you can see, it then you can become it – the concept of visualization)
  • Why the lack of proper sleep will destroy your results
  • Before and after
  • The wishboard

While I was skeptical at first, seeing all this valuable information in the members area got me convinced that ANYONE can lose weight with this product.

You just need to stick with it – and you actually have the tools to do so..

Ingrid shows you how with a step by step instruction manual and how she lost 50 pounds of stubborn fat

So keep in mind, if you really want it then you can do it!

So why is Fat Loss Fiesta any different than others?

Fat loss fiesta is actually equipped with all the information you need to lose weight and escpecially with
guides like Mind-Body Merging, Breakfast-Luch-Dinner Recipes and many others

Click here to read the full review if you haven’t already =D



Aloe vera gel juice benefits

Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

Everyone knows that Aloe Vera is widely used in all sorts of home remedies for many different conditions, such as to moisturize the skin, to treat burns and many more. Recently, people had found out that drinking Aloe Vera juice could be beneficial as well. It is a common thing among this in the gym community to mix Aloe Vera juice into their protein shakes due to its recovery aiding properties. There are many different benefits of drinking Aloe Vera juice.

It Is A Great Natural Anti Inflammatory And Pain Relieve

As we work out in the gym, our joints and tendons take a huge toll from all the heavy exercises. Drinking Aloe Vera juice after your workouts help to improve the recovery of your joints and tendons after a heavy workout session. The faster you recover, the sooner you could get back to gym and have an intense workout again. Cardio exercises and high intensity interval training are very helpful when you are trying to lose weight by burning off excess fats from your body.

Aloe Vera Juice Helps To Deliver Enough Minerals And Vitamins To Help Improve Metabolism

Aloe Vera juice is in abundance of vitamin B12, which is required in the metabolism process. This helps your body to become more energy efficient, improve your metabolism, and ultimately eliminate false hunger which could lead to the over consumption of energy. When your metabolism is boosted, your body will burn calories more efficiently, which helps you to lose weight.

Aloe Vera Helps You To Burn Excess Calories

Aloe Vera is also rich in dietary collagen. When you drink Aloe Vera juice, it is important to know that dietary collagen is large in molecule size. This means that more energy is needed in order to break down and digest it. Because of this, the body burns extra calories in order to help the digestive system digest the dietary collagen. For those who are trying to lose weight, every calories burnt counts.

Aloe Vera Juice Works As A Natural Diuretics

For those of you who wants to look lean and “dry”, you do not have to resort to taking diuretic medications – instead, you could drink Aloe Vera juice. It helps to reduce water retention, which could help you to get rid of excess water weight, as well as that bloated look due to water retention in your cells and underneath your skin.

 Do you want to start burning fat? WARNING: Only if you are 100% dedicated!



Tips on reading Food Labels and things you should look out for

Tips On Reading Food Labels

It’s a good idea to know what you’re ingesting when you eat something. Because of this, since 1994 it is a requirement to have nutrition labels on everything that is sold in a store to indicate what is in it. Everything is documents, from ingredients to vitamin amounts to much other information. This helps customers decide what they want to purchase by better informing them of what is in the food they eat. It also helps to make informed health decisions should a customer be looking for a food that is high in protein or carbohydrates, for example.

For some tips on reading a food label, there’s really just a few things to keep in mind. It’s not terribly difficult to read what is on the nutrition facts for a food item. There are a few things to keep in mind though:


    1. Sugar “Free” means that there has to be less than 0.5g of sugars
    2. Serving Sizes are a suggestion of how much to eat. This can usually be a little misleading; if there are 12 cookies in a box but there are three servings in the box, then the serving size is four cookies, and all information on the nutrition facts pertain to four cookies, or one serving size.
    3. The amounts on the nutrition facts food label is based on a 2,000 calorie diet; this might not be accurate for everyone, but it is a good standard to measure by (some people consume more than 2,000 calories a day and some consume less).
    4. Food labels will have vitamin and mineral information including calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C, thought sometimes if the food is rich in them, manufacturers will list other vitamins and minerals too.


It’s a real luxury to be able to decide what is and what isn’t consumed as far as food products. Having the option to eat foods rich in vitamins or rich in fats and sugars is a privilege bestowed upon us all, and many times it’s taken advantage of. Though their health isn’t what’s forefront on many people’s minds, the information is out there to keep people from unintentionally depriving themselves of healthy foods. Though many people seem to reduce its importance and simply overlook it, the advent of the nutrition facts food label could be one of the best things that has happened for the overall health of Americans.

I’ve just stumbled upon this great post about reading food labels
and things you should look out for when you do this..

Ingrid shared some useful tips about this subject
and I really thought it would come across useful to you guys.

Avoid foods with high levels of sucrose or sucralose;
they’re hard for your body to digest.
The longer it takes for your body to digest something,
the more time it has to turn
into sugar and then into fat.
This is just one of the important principles she highlights,
and so are all her other tips.

Click here to read helpful tips on what to look for
and stay away from when reading a food label

When you are planning to lose weight,
these tips can really help you get started..